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(Terms of Use:, revised on 26/05/2008.)

  1. Introduction
    1. is owned and operated by Limited, an English registered company (number x). Our registered office is at: x.
    2. These T&Cs are applicably solely to individual users of the mm4ac Services. Individuals who wish to represent a coffee shop should sign up to the Coffee Shop moderator terms and conditions available at
    3. Please read these T&Cs carefully. These T&Cs cancel and replace any terms and conditions previously agreed to, even if the latter have not been expressly withdrawn or amended. By registering as a Member or using the Services (whether or not you register as a Member), you agree to be bound by these T&Cs. If you do not accept them in full, you must not register as a Member nor use the Services.
    4. You agree to comply with all applicable domestic and international laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding your use of our Sevices and acceptable Public Information. You also agree to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the country in which you reside.
  2. Definitions
    Company Ltd a validly registered individual user of the Services (i.e. not somebody owning or representing a coffee shop)
    Coffee shop Member A coffee shop which has registered for the Services
    Member Content information published by Members or Coffee shops on the Services, or sent by Members or Coffee shops to other Members or Coffee shops through the Services, including profiles, reviews, meetme event information, messages, chat, videos, photographs, sound
    Site our website at www.meetmefor or such other website as we may use to provide the Services from time to time
    Services the group of services made available by, the purpose of which is to facilitate face to face meetings between individuals and groups in coffee shops globally and which is accessible from multiple platforms (including the Site, SMS, MMS, WAP)
    Meetme event The face to face events organised by Members through tools provided by the Service in coffee shops globally
    T&Cs these terms and conditions
    User means any person who uses the Services
  3. Use of Services, member obligations, safety and security
    1. Our Services are available to all individuals who are at least 13 years of age. Our Services are not available to temporarily or indefinitely suspended Members. By registering to use our Services, you represent and warrant that you are at least 13 years of age. Also, you acknowledge and agree to comply with the laws of the city, county and country in which and Meetme event occurs. Additional eligibility requirements for particular groups may be set by a group's organiser and you agree to comply with these.
    2. We have the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse membership, suspend or terminate your use of our Services, to delete Member Content and refuse any and all current or future use of all or any portion of our Services.
    3. As a Member of the site you agree to:
      1. provide accurate, current and complete information about you during the registration process,
      2. keep all information, communications and Member Content accurate, current and complete thereafter
      3. not to publish or send any Member Content that is sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, vulgar, indecent, obscene, racist, xenophobic, abusive, unlawful, deceitful, invasive of another’s privacy, offensive, harmful, violent, threatening, harassing, stalking, defamatory, an infringement of third party intellectual property or other rights or which encourage or assist any of the foregoing;
      4. maintain the security of your password and identification;
      5. notify us immediately of any apparent breach of security such as loss, theft, misuse or unauthorised disclosure or use of a username or password and in such case you should immediately amend your password, using the Services;
      6. not to publish or send any Member Content which links to any third party websites which are illegal, contain inappropriate content or to which you have no right to link;
      7. not to use the Services for any commercial, professional or non-private purposes (including advertising, canvassing, soliciting, trading, prostitution);
      8. use the Services for junk mail, spam and pyramid or similar or fraudulent schemes;
      9. do anything which may have the effect of disrupting the Services including worms, viruses, software bombs, Trojan horses or mass mailings;
      10. use the Services other than for the purposes set out in these T&Cs and that any breach of the foregoing constitutes a serious breach of this agreement (without prejudice to any other serious breach of this agreement which may occur).
    4. It is your responsibility to decide which information to post or send using our Services and during the registration process. We cannot be held liable for any misuse thereof by any other user or third party.
    5. We are not liable for Member Content or other activities of Members which may breach the rights of other users or third parties.
    6. You are responsible for the acts or omissions of any third parties who use your identification information or account, whether fraudulent or not. You agree to indemnify us against any claims of this kind.
    7. We are not liable if your identity is used by someone else.
    8. We do not provide internet access or an electronic communication service to the public. Therefore, we do not have the contractual obligation or technical means (1) to verify the identity of persons who register as Members or use our Services or (2) to verify or monitor Member Content (although we do reserve the right to monitor if we think it appropriate). You should not assume that any Member Content is accurate. A user may not be who he or she claims to be. We cannot be liable for false or misleading statements by Members. You must take appropriate steps to investigate Member Content if you intend to act on it.
    9. When arranging or attending Meetme events you are acting at your own risk and are not our responsibility. We do not supervise Meetme events and are not involved in any way with the actions of any individuals at these events. As a result, we have no control over the identity or actions of the individuals who are present, and we request that our Members exercise caution.
    10. You agree to comply with any guidelines or requirements on our Site as well as any reasonable request or instructions by us in connection with the Services.
  4. Communications
    1. You understand and agree that we may send you certain communications, such as Service and event updates, as well as offers, information or promotions relevant and beneficial to you or your groups, and that these communications are considered part of our Services. You may manage your subscriptions to some of these communications in the x tab of the Your Account page; certain basic communications, however, are a necessary part of our Services and may not be disabled.
    2. You understand and agree that, when you join a group, the organisers of your group and other members of the group may send you certain communications. You understand that the Organizer of a group in which you are a member has the right, in his or her sole discretion, to temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate your membership in his or her group, to set eligibility requirements for group members, and to temporarily or permanently remove any content or information that you have posted in connection with his or her group.
    3. You understand and agree that, when you join a coffeeshop, the moderator of the coffee shop and other members of the coffee shop may send you certain communications You understand that the coffee shop moderator has the right, in his or her sole discretion, to temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend or terminate your membership in his or her coffeeshop .
    4. If you are a group organiser, you agree to receive messages from individual members of your group.
  5. Intellectual property rights
    1. The trade marks (Meetmeforacoffee®, MM4aC®), logos, graphics, images, photographs, animation, videos, text and software used in the Services are the intellectual property of us or our partners and your right of use is strictly limited to accessing, downloading, printing and reproducing on all media for your own personal, private and non-commercial use of the Services within the scope of these T&Cs. You may not otherwise retrieve, display, modify, copy, print, sell, download, hire or reverse engineer (except insofar as permitted by applicable law) such content without our prior written consent.
    2. You may not link to our Site or include it in part or in whole within another external website without our prior written consent.
    3. When you post Member Content to the Site, you authorize and direct us to make such copies thereof as we deem necessary in order to facilitate the posting and storage of the Member Content on the Site. By posting Member Content to any part of the Site, you automatically grant, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty free, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, publicly perform, publicly display, reformat, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part) and distribute such Member Content for any purpose, commercial, advertising, or otherwise, on or in connection with the Site or the promotion thereof, to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such Member Content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing. You waive your moral rights in relation to Member Content. You may remove your Member Content from the Site at any time. If you choose to remove your Member Content, the license granted above will automatically expire, however you acknowledge that the Company may retain archived copies of your User Content. does not assert any ownership over your User Content; rather, as between us and you, subject to the rights granted to us in these Terms, you retain full ownership of all of your Member Content and any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights associated with your Member Content.
    4. You may not copy or otherwise use any Member Content of other Members except insofar as strictly necessary for your own personal, private and non-commercial use of the Services within the scope of these T&Cs.
  6. Changes to the T&Cs
    1. We may change these T&Cs at any time by posting the revised version on the Site. Please check the T&Cs whenever you visit the Site. You will be bound by the revised T&Cs if you continue to use our Services following the effective date shown on the revised T&Cs.
  7. Third party websites
    1. We or third parties may provide links on our Site to third party websites. You use them at your own risk. We do not review such sites. We do not recommend or endorse such sites nor are we responsible for the content of those sites or any goods or services offered thereon. If in the course of performing a search on our site you encounter any third party website the use of which would violate applicable law, you must immediately cease use of such website
  8. Limitation of liability
    1. This section (and any other clause excluding or restricting our liability) applies to our directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, agents and affiliated companies (who may enforce this clause under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999) as well as to us. Nothing in this agreement in any way limits or excludes our liability for negligence causing death or personal injury or for fraudulent misrepresentation or for anything which may not legally be excluded or limited.
    2. You must give us a reasonable opportunity to remedy any matter for which we are liable before you incur any costs remedying the matter yourself. If you do not, we shall have no liability to you for that matter.
    3. We shall not be liable for any damage to a Member caused or contributed to by that Member, for example by not complying with these T&Cs.
    4. In no event (including our own negligence) will we be liable for any:
      1. economic losses (including, without limit, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings);
      2. loss of goodwill or reputation;
      3. special, indirect or consequential losses; or
      4. damage to or loss of data (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such losses).
  9. Indemnity
    1. You agree to indemnify us (including our directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, agents and affiliated companies) against all third party claims and liabilities related to your breach of this agreement and/or to your use of the Services.
  10. General
    1. Headings in this agreement are for information only and are not binding. We are not liable for failure to perform or delay in performing any obligation under this agreement if the failure or delay is caused by any circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us in connection with the Services. We may assign all or part of our rights or duties under this agreement; you may not do without our prior written consent. Any failure by us to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of it. If any part of this agreement is deemed void or ineffective for any reason, the remainder shall continue in full force. A person who is not a party to this agreement shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 unless expressly stated otherwise in this agreement.
  11. Law and jurisdiction
    1. This contract shall be governed by English law and any disputes will be decided only by the English courts.
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